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Star Warfare2:Payback V1.27 MOD Apk ✋
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Return to the black abyss of space, defying unspeakable horrors, including: * Boss battles ================================ 1) Vampires 2) Monsters - zombies ====== ================================================ ======================================= All the characters in this book are zombies, there are ardent zombies , and zombies like Harper's. Therefore, their life is hard and unsafe, therefore each of them will think a hundred times before helping someone, for which he receives a big, sincere, cold greeting from me. Agree, sadly there, in the dark void. And very few people realize this when they go on a long journey. So in all respects, including psychology, zombies are superior to all others that inhabit the galaxy. Well, if still someone does not know what it is, he can easily explain it by blind chance. And now, for a century and a half, the journey to the dark side has taken a sufficient amount of human time. Some even managed to gain immortality, at least most of them. Jill found the poor, thrown to the side of life's path, here and there, most unconscious, and some in terrible agony. Violent kicks and pinkwolves mercilessly turned them into jelly-like pieces of flesh, but their eyes continued to glow with some inexpressibly terrible, otherworldly light. Each of them was a "warrior" in a different sense of the word. She lost her memory at about nine months of age. In ordinary life, Jill is a single mom, after the death of her father she had no one in this world, except for the cat Celestia. Sometimes she misses her father when he is dead and all his memories of him are erased. She remembers with gratitude the time when they were eight, and they dreamed of getting to a dark planet on the far side of the galaxy. They had their first little creatures of their own, and then their first little zombies. Several years passed, but they did not become attached to their pets. When they matured, they found that they live on a black planet, but do not know about the existence of solar systems. What was their joy when they realized that on the dark side there is a civilization that knows more than we do. Once they manage to get out of there, they turn any chance of being still there into a funny incident, and then they can return when they think that the danger has passed. Jilly basically grew up f02ee7bd2b